Idle head turning

I am starting to look at making the characters more life-like. To begin with, I have been working on getting Eddie to look around. This was accomplished by rotating Eddie’s head bone over time. It sets a random direction to turn and a random amount of pause time after each movement. This is just a

Hiding behind furniture

It’s all about staying hidden, so I have added a few more ways to hide. In this video, you can see as the player moves close to furniture while crouching, the player ducks down a little further.

Hiding under desks and in wardrobes

I am continuing to add places for the player to hide from Eddie. In this video I am testing the hiding feature for under the desk in Eddie’s room, hiding under tables and hiding inside a wardrobes. I am also testing the flow of movement around the house and how accessible the hiding places are

Hiding under tables

With Eddie having great vision and hearing, the player will need places to hide. In this video I am blocking out the areas that the player can hide. The player can not only hide behind objects, the player will also be able to hide under tables or inside wardrobes. I have now added the functionality

Eddie hears footsteps

I have added hearing to Eddie. Every time you take a step it makes a sound. The faster you move the louder your footsteps make a sound. A white bar at the lower left of the screen is a sound meter. If this line turns red, Eddie has heard you. Moving while crouching creates very