Game Description

  • PC Windows
  • Single Player
  • First Person Survival Horror / Action / Stealth
  • Story adventure with alternate endings

Freak Accident is a horror survival game inspired by thriller and horror films. It is a dark adventure story with consequences based on the player’s choices. It’s up to the player on how the story ends. Be the hero and save the girl or just save yourself. Show mercy to a psychopath or take your revenge. Play it your way – run to your escape or uncover the story behind a serial killer that lived in the farmhouse on a lonesome Texas highway.


“Did someone cause us to crash or was it just a freak accident? “

Chris just wanted to take his girlfriend on a scenic drive across the mid US states. He had taken the drive from Oklahoma to California many times before. What could go wrong? Chris and Mary are college students at Oklahoma State. They decided to take a road trip together to the Grand Canyon during their spring break.

Everything was going well until Chris took that wrong turn after leaving Amarillo, Texas. His foolish pride kept him taking them on what he called “the scenic route”. They were now on a highway that is far off from the main interstate. Desperate to make up time, he drives through the night on a long winding road through the middle of nowhere. Just when things couldn’t seem to get worse, he hits something in the road and it causes his vehicle to swerve and crash into the road railing. This is the beginning of Chris’ nightmare and where the story begins.